I and my colleague just finished our sumptuous packed lunch. We started feeling board and cold inside the office so we decided to go down the building to get some fresh air and feel the warmth of the sun. September is the last month of summer in Dubai and so the temperature outside is just amazing for people like us who get used to air-conditioning inside the bunged corners of our office spaces.

We sit in the stairs next to the main entrance and chat about anything. The best part is to see people buzzing around in this busy place coming and going at the office and tower and at the hotel side. In front of us is a busy street with all types of transportation moving busy people around the city. We are happy to see people’s faces, and life outside the four corners of our work place. It is different feeling out there, one can feel that there is life.

I then recollect old memories and told my colleague that there was a time in Dubai that the days off were Thursday afternoon and then Friday and one can enjoy leaving the office early afternoon to head home until the government decided to change the days off to Friday and Saturday. It was a good move though but sometimes because of the weather, one can feel how the time passes by and think how it was like before, reminiscing as you call it maybe.

We should have thought of going down our building before after lunch for a break and have a little chat. Well we have a lot of time ahead of us. We decided that we will come again next time, maybe tomorrow.

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