The Unsuccesful

Last weekend, I try to explore my skills in cooking further by trying to cook a traditional Filipino dessert that I have never tried cooking before. It is one of my favorite-the Pichi Pichi, and if you read my post about lye water, and you are wondering if I use it, yes I add about half teaspoon of it in the tapioca-water-sugar mixture. (pampaligat daw kasi po yon). Don’t worry nothing happened to us.

I was hopeful, following every step in the recipe sheet that I found from one of my trusted food sites from the internet. I did as how it was written there although to my surprise, the finished product became too hard to chew, parang bubble gum (lol).

Hindi ko yata talaga sinunod kung ano ang nakasulat, it says 2 cups of tapioca starch and I add like 2 ¼ cups, sayang kasi yung matitira sa pack and since I add more tapioca I should have added more water too but I did not, I still follow the 2 cups that was written in the recipe sheet. I add just enough sugar to make it sweet dahil ayoko ng masyadong matamis. And lastly, I add ½ tsp of lye water. I don’t have a shallow pan so I used a deep pan, and instead of steaming it for forty five minutes, I steamed it for about one and half hour, ang sabi kasi ng recipe until transparent so I kept it in the steamer until I can see that all the white part is also transparent. So that was the disaster. Still I tried to cut it, roll it in the grated coconut and serve. Only my daughter appreciate it, fan ko kasi cya.  My ever supportive husband says it was ok but only you have to chew for half an hour to cut it into small pieces before swallowing it. Oh ghee!!! What a disaster.

This does not mean that I am giving up. I will try it again this weekend and make sure that I will make a perfect dessert.


  1. minsan mas ok pa hindi sundin ung nakasulat sa instructions kasi for commercial use yung timpla.

  2. Nagbago ka ng bahay, I noticed. Pretty. Congratulations.

    Natawa naman ako sa post mo. True, baking is an exact science. We have to follow the recipe to the letter, otherwise, mag-iiba ang resulta.

    My roommate loves to cook sapin-sapin naman. Noong una hindi rin sya edible. Pero habang inuulit nya, nape-perfect din nya ung lasa, ung ligat, ung texture. Ngayon nga nag-e-experiment na sya ng iba't ibang kulay.

    Try mo n lang ulit ung pichi-pichi mo until you get it perfect. Tapos kapag nasanay ka na, you can experiment naman.


  3. @ Epal: Bakit Epal ang name mo? huy wag ka maoffend ha ask ko lng naman. actually homemade yung recipe na sinundan ko kaso i did not exactly follow it kaya nagkaganon ang result. :)

    @ Nebz: Salamat, oo pinalitan ko yung layout, gusto ko kasi ng clean and neat layout kaso nahihirapan ako sa html editing. Gusto ko talaga matuto magluto ng halos lahat ng kakanin, puto , kutsinta, at khit pa yung tamalis...pra di na kmi bibili homemade homecook mas masarap. ay try ko yan sapin sapin paborito yan ng asawa ko.


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