My 2010 Facebook Status!

Who doesn't know Facebook?... probably even the youngest of us know what FB is all about, it's a great social networking site everyone LOVES, some are even addicted to it ^_^.

The best thing I like about Facebook is I am able connect with family and friends in real time, the second best thing I like about Facebook is the apps like this one below..a summary of all my status during 2010, I get back to each one and read what I wrote and try to remember the reason why I have written those lines and shared it with everyone. It is good to know that I have shared only the good ones, not the ones that makes a lot of trouble, that I keep to myself, the happy ones is what I'd like to share publicly.


  1. wow carla ang gaganda naman ng status mo :)

    Happy New Year sa 'yo at sa family mo!

  2. hello kiko, salamat, kahit ako natuwa kasi I did not post something so vulgar on FB, good to know that I get to write something when I feel happy! Happy new year din sa iyo!


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