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Reminders for non Muslims during Ramadan

It is Ramadan once again, a time for repentance, gratitude, compassion and charity. For non Muslim expats, it means a time to practice and exercise obedience more to the rules of the country, show respect for our fasting Muslim brothers and immerse oneself in the culture and tradition of UAE.

Last year I shared  an article about diabetes management during Ramadan and I hope that this year people suffering from the disease will take extra precautions. A couple of months back I was diagnosed of rise in sugar levels, I was ask by the doctor to seek help and get a laboratory test just to make sure. I am exercising regularly and I hope that it will not develop into diabetes. I am yet to see the doctor though.

There are things we must remember during Ramadan and one of the most important thing to keep in mind is not to eat or drink in public places before sun down even chewing a gum as it can get you hefty fines or worst land you in jail.

Many clubs and bars in hotels and malls will generally remain open during this period but alcoholic drinks are serve only after dark but better yet do it in the comfort of your own home. My friends who work in music and entertainment industry at hotels in Dubai gets their annual leave on the same month.

No loud and disturbing music at the beach, in your car, at the park or at home.

Most thriving expats are aware that working hours are reduced in the Holy month so as traffic congestion are also rescheduled so be aware, it seems that during Ramadan people are always in a hurry to get home but this is merely because they have to prepare food for iftar and get themselves ready for prayers.

Do greet your Muslim friends and colleagues Ramadan Kareem!

These are just small but important reminders so we don't forget.