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Full Moon Desert Drumming in Dubai

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African Drums
The Full Moon Desert Drumming season will begin its first session one week from now. We went in March last year and had an amazing and unique experience. I was organizing my photos and saw the album, remembered that I haven't shared it here yet. It was something different from all the other desert trips we've had and I wanted to share them with you. We played music using the djembe drums (a native African drum) under the bright moonlight. Felt like we were in Africa. With our own tribe. And, we sound good, really good.

We arrived at the desert edge at 6 pm and transferred to a Toyota Land Cruiser that took us to the camp deep inside the Al Aweer desert. The ride to the camp was a mini dune bashing for us especially our driver was extra enthusiastic to give my kids a fun ride.

Planet Torus 4x4 fleet 
Even with a bumpy ride, I couldn't help but notice the full moon and this amazing sunset

Dubai desert sunset

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Creekside Dubai

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As much as we love visiting new and futuristic project locations like the Dubai Water Canal and Dubai Creek Harbour, we also love Bastakiya, Meena Bazaar, and the Old Dubai Creek. These places remain to be some of our favorite places in Old Dubai. If you want to know more about Dubai's tradition, architecture,  heritage and culture, these are the right places to visit.

It was one rainy afternoon in March (I know it is odd to say it was still raining in March in Dubai but we had a bit of a crazy weather lately) that I found myself dragging my family to visit the creek in old Dubai again.

Well not really raining, we only had overcast skies and a bit of drizzle.
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Dubai Creek Harbour Promenade

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Dubai Creek Harbour Promenade, also known as Rise DCH is one of the newest outdoor entertainments in Dubai we've visited recently. This project by property giant Emaar sits adjacent to Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, an asset to the project which they promised to keep untouched and protected.

Dubai Creek Harbour will be both a financially viable and ecologically responsible city, built with future generations in mind, using every innovation to minimize its environmental impact. This world-class development will offer spectacular views of the creek and Dubai skyline-Emaar

and by that, they mean this.

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Dubai: Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

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Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area in Dubai. It is home to about 20,000 birds mostly migrating to Dubai in winter from East African and West Asian countries. This wetland covers an area of 6 kilometers and a combination of salt flats, mudflats, mangroves, and lagoons.

This is one attraction you can enjoy in Dubai during winter that is free of charge. It operates from Saturday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

When you visit, you can expect to find a flock of greater flamingos, probably about 500 of them as well as other species of birds.

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Dubai: Sunrise At The Top of Burj Khalifa

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Burj Khalifa construction began in September 2004. We saw what will be the tallest tower in Dubai and the world today slowly rise up from the ground until it was inaugurated five and a half years later in January 2010.

I've always wanted to go up there since it opened. Now the long wait is over. I finally get to tick it off my bucket list. My family and I went up to the observation deck of Burj Khalifa located at the 124th and 125th floor of the tower and watched the sunrise painted the whole of Dubai in golden hues. We literally saw Dubai awaken that day. Observed it unobstructed with 360 degrees view 452/455 meters above the ground. I've Instagrammed photos of Burj Khalifa so many times from different vantage points before, but this time it is the other way around. I'm taking photos of Dubai from where I stand, At The Top of Burj Khalifa itself.

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Dubai: Photo Diary Of Our First Visit to Riverland at Dubai Parks and Resorts

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Hello everyone, sorry for being MIA. I was lacking the motivation to update the blog but I need to pick myself up from this January blues. I thought that sharing something nice to all of you will do the trick.

The first week of January wasn't actually busy for us except that the kids went back to school. We spent the first day of 2017 visiting a new Dubai attraction. We went to Riverland.

Riverland is the gateway to Dubai Parks & Resorts. A themed, fun, dining and retail destination which you can access without purchasing a ticket except but one. This should not put you off though because inside was amazing and it was worth every penny.  If you are visiting with your car, you will need a parking ticket. The cost of the ticket for regular guest is AED 50 and the VIP entrance parking ticket is AED 150.

From the parking lot, a shuttle bus service will take you to the first stop which is Riverland. Riverland has four zones. The French Village, The Peninsula, India Gate, and the Boardwalk.

I love the French Village the most. It gives you the feeling that you are traveling back in time with the setting of the Medieval era with beautiful and rustic architectural designs of the 16th century. Water wheel, brick roads, meandering alleyways, and towers will draw you in.

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Dubai Water Canal by Night

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When we learned about the permanent closure of Jumeirah Beach to make way for the Dubai Water Canal Project, we were saddened. It's one of our favorite beach parks in Dubai.

Fast forward to today, we are happy to see the project came to being and now has become another popular (still shaping up) and newest destination in Dubai. Knowing that Jumeirah Beach is undergoing re-development makes us all the more excited. I am sure it's going to be bigger and better than ever.

Dubai Water Canal Project is an extension of the Deira Creek linking Business Bay to Arabian Gulf. The part where you can find the pink waterfall is called the Crystal Lagoon and the land soon to be developed along the canal is called the Public Realm.

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10 Camping Essentials l Al Qudra Lakes Dubai Overnight Camping

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One of the favorite things we like to do in this time of year here in Dubai is to go on a desert camping.

Imagine full day sun, clear blue skies, cool breeze, .00001 percent chance of rain while in a beautiful desert landscape. It's a camper's dream.

Same time last year, we camped at Al Aryam Island in Abu Dhabi, also a perfect camping spot. This time around, we didn't go far. We drove just 45 minutes to Al Qudra Lakes inside Saih Al Salam Desert, on the outskirts of Dubai.

Al Qudra Lakes is a man-made lake that spans up to 10 hectares and home to more that 100 species of birds including migratory birds. A wonderful place to camp with family and friends

We used Waze app to get there. The only problem was, once you reach the area, it was difficult for the app to help you navigate. We were already going in circles, good thing we luckily found our friends who came early to set up camp. It was dark as there is no lamp post, there is no signage either so it is easy to get lost. It is advisable to come before dusk and if you are in a convoy, be sure to stick together.

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The Palm and Burj Al Arab Sightseeing Boat Tour with Xclusive Tours Dubai

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It is not every day that we see the whole of The Palm and Burj Al Arab from the other side of the city, from the seaside. There's just one way and it's to go on a Dubai sightseeing boat tour or on a yacht cruise around The Palm islands.

Xclusive Tours Dubai offers a 90 Minute The Palm and Burj Al Arab Sightseeing Tour and a 30 Minute Dubai Marina Tour

The Palm Jumeirah is an artificial archipelago in the United Arab Emirates, created using land reclamation. It is one of three planned islands called the Palm Islands (Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira). However the smallest, it has many beautiful hotels in its branches with Atlantis The Palm Hotel, a major attraction located at the apex of the Palm Jumeirah island.

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At The Top of Jebel Jais Mountain in Ras Al Khaima

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Where are you guys headed this Sunday?

It's Hijri New Year so we are getting another long weekend. (Yippee!)

We're still figuring out where to go. I feel like going on another road trip somewhere.

Our last road trip was on the first day of Eid Al Adha at the top of Jebel Jais mountain in Ras Al Khaimah with our friends and family.

We left Dubai at three in the morning to catch the sunrise!

It was our first time to go to Jebel Jais. Clueless of how to get there, we used Waze-GPS Navigation app to find our way plus some help from our friends for directions.

The travel time from our meeting place in Muhaisah to Jebel Jais mountain was about 1 hour to 50 minutes to 2 hours reaching the top by 5 am-ish.

The road leading to the mountain top is one of the best in the world if not the best. Just be careful because it has a lot of sharp turns and there is no lamp post yet. There are also animals crossing like goats and wild fox like the one we saw.

The weather was lovely, it was 10 degrees colder up there that day. It's snowed there last year during the winter months and that's what we want to see next time.

Camping is also possible as there are designated stops and campsites with a roof. Just remember to bring inflatable beds and thick blankets/comforters to place under the bed if you are planning to sleep, the rocks are sharp and it might damage your camping gear. Regular mats are fine, however, seating won't be as comfortable. Folding chairs are a better option. Toilets are also available at every stop unfortunately, water supply could be insufficient.

If your planning to go to Jebel Jais this holiday, please don't have second thoughts. Just go! You will never regret it. Bring the family, take the kids with you! They'll definitely enjoy it. Just watch and keep them close to avoid any mishaps.

No, you need more company? Then bring the whole gang!

It's one for the books! I promise!

Want to see more of Jebel Jais story? Check out my friend Arence story here and Abigail story here!
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Last Exit: Dubai's First Food Truck Park

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A full blown food truck craze has hit Dubai. Now we have them all in one place!

Meraas call it (E11) the Last Exit.


Because the new food truck haven is located in Jebel Ali near the last exit on Sheikh Zayed Road towards Abu Dhabi going back to Dubai.

It's near Ghantoot, the border of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

"Last Exit is a unique food truck park destination offering commuters and visitors alike a wide selection of fresh and tasty street food and many other convenient services in a fun atmosphere. Inspired by the American food truck stops, the Last Exit is the first of its kind in the region and serves breakfast, lunch, dinner or simply, a snack on the way – 24/7."-Meraas

For you to reach this place, you have to drive all the way to the last exit on E11 road, take the Ghantoot Interchange, take a u-turn towards Dubai, drive a few hundred meters and you will see it on the right side

You will be greeted by this pretty awesome pile of cars!

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Dubai Miracle Garden

This post was long overdue since we visited Dubai Miracle Garden few days after Christmas but I guess it is just the right time to post it in celebration of Spring.

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Al Aryam Island Camping

We discovered a new camping and fishing site in Abu Dhabi that rendered us memories to cherish for a life time.

This is a longish post, you might want to grab a cuppa and snuggle a little inside your duvet while reading, I promise this one is ahhmazing!

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Dubai Creek Dinner Cruise Aboard Al Mansour Dhow

One thing I have recently crossed out from my long list of things to try in Dubai was to go on a Dhow Cruise Dinner along the Deira Creek.

I didn't know why it took me so long to do this but a decade of procrastination has paid off when we all boarded the newly refurbished Al Mansour Dhow owned and managed by the five star Raddisson Blu Hotel, Deira Creek Dubai.

My family and I along with friends and other media personalities cruised the quiet waters of the Dubai Creek one fine evening a couple of months ago.

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Our First Dubai Tram Ride

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We never had the chance to use the Dubai tram since it started its operation last November 11, 2014. We live far away from this side of the city and chances of using the tram is almost close to none. Most of the people benefiting from this newest public transport system are tourists and those who live and work in parts of Jumeirah, Dubai Marina and Media City.

Last August, during the school vacation, we had a mini staycation at Arjaan by Rotana in Dubai Media City and the tram station was less than five minutes away from the hotel.

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11 Places Worth Visiting in Fujairah

Our recent trip to Fujairah, the fifth largest Emirate of UAE saw us visiting historical sites and heritage areas. Watched some bull fighting in Gurfah area, checked out a new mall and paid homage to the city's Catholic church.

If you haven't seen rock mountains before, you will be in awe to see them on your way to the city.

Our first stop was the Fujairah City Center (1). It is located just before entering the city proper. Just like other City Centers, it is a one stop shop for everything, thus giving locals and expats alike a new shopping experience.

We got hungry on the way so we stop there for a quick lunch before setting off on our city adventure.

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Kite Flying during the Dubai International Kite Festival 2015

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I remember flying kites with my dad and siblings when I was a little girl. I didn't know why it took this long for me to take my kids to fly kites.

They did light up when we told them we will be flying kites during the weekend and Prince kept talking about it until bed time. I was glad we took them last Friday to fly their very first kite on the second day of the Dubai International Kite Festival at Jumeirah  Beach because even Ferald and I enjoyed doing it together. It only means more kite flying days for us.

Dubai International Kite Festival is on its second year and it was attended by so many, open to all and free admission. Something a family living in Dubai shouldn't miss.

I'd only hoped that the main event of setting the Guinness World Record was done on a Friday because we can't come Saturday but any how our experience is something we will treasure forever as a family and one thing I believe my kids will never forget. We will be looking forward to this kite fest every year from now on.

Back in the Philippines, we make our own simple kites using bamboo as its skeleton, we use plastic for the skin and a string. We could have made our own kites but we don't have much time so we bought our kids kites from Daiso with Disney characters.

At #DIKFest, you will finds kites of all kinds, smallest to biggest and all are very colorful, even some have led lights, it was beautiful.

We stayed until sundown so the kids and adults :D can fly their kites longer.

It took us awhile to make our kites airborne, Ferald needed to adjust the string so it will fly and it did. We went far from where many are flying their kites so ours will not get tangled with someone else, we are beginners :P you know.

This beginner looks like he is enjoying himself. One funny thing Prince did was letting go of his already airborne kite and Mica who was steadying her own kite had to run after his brother's. Good she get hold of it before it gets too far and rammed to other kites. :D

It was an awesome experience and surely one thing we will never forget.

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Al Souk - Sharjah

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Yesterday's lunch was grilled king white salmon we got fresh from Sharjah fish market. Every time we go there to buy fresh fish and seafood, there is this magnificent structure on our way that is inevitable not to be notice at all. It is Al Souk or the Gold Souk which is one of Sharjah's pride and beautiful buildings.

If you wonder what's inside this humongous awe-inspiring twin building, let me tell you.

One is the gold souk where you can shop and haggle for some pretty intricately designed jewelry pieces all hanging and loosely displayed glistening by the glass window of each shop. The other building is a trading market for electronics, clothes, souvenirs, and a lot more. In case you feel hungry while shopping, there are small food stalls/cafeteria inside to sit and eat while you contemplate whether which necklace or earring to buy.

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The Beach

I want to go to the beach tomorrow but the dad was too tired and badly needed some rest and longer extended sleep. We were up so late last night for the Justin Timberlake concert in Abu Dhabi du Arena and today he needed to go to work, Saturday's the busiest day at work while me on the other hand was off and had the privilege to doze off.

Anyhow, I am still dreaming to go to the beach and soak up in the morning sun and until then I am going to be reminiscing our day at the beach about three weeks ago or until I convinced him to go. Cheeky, I know but tomorrow is the last day of the long weekend and its summer for crying out loud, we have to go to ze beach!!!! Living in the UAE means to love the sun, the sea and the sand. Although The Beach is far from where we live, located in Dubai Marina adjacent to The Walk between Hilton and Sheraton Hotels, about 40 kilometers away from our home about 25 minutes drive without the traffic, we still wanted to go.

The Beach is a new lifestyle destination in Dubai that boast a shopping complex with 70 retail outlets, a number of restaurants, open theater cinema, play area for kids, a running track, an open air gym, intricate sand sculptures and an expansive open space with white sandy beach and crystal clear water. It is a place for a perfect summer getaway

We raced the sun and reach the beach at sunrise, it was still low tide.

We rolled out our beach mat on this spot

And behind us are the towering buildings of the Jumeirah Beach Residences.

Hubby and kids can't resist the call of the sea and made their way down to the water while me and our friends took loads and loads of photos. :D

This was a precious bonding moment, look at how happy my boys were, while mica was playing mermaid a the background enjoying a swim

dad and prince at the beach jbr on Make A Gif
make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

I enjoyed a stroll on the shore and feel the sand and sea on my toes before I followed them in the water. 

Love this photo of our family

Prince with her beautiful godmother

 Jeah Adarna and Rosy

I woke up early to prepare a simple breakfast, it was chicken sandwich and hard boiled eggs

After the hearty breakfast and the much needed dip in the water, we decided to pack-up, it was only half past nine in the morning and it was getting hotter by the minute. If we are leaving because it was too hot for us already, the others are just arriving.

But before we go,just "let me take a selfie" Cameras are installed around The Beach and you can send photos to your e-mail.

The dad said YES already so we will see these again tomorrow. I am soooo excited.

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