Thursday, August 13, 2009

Growing Numbers of Filipinos in Dubai

This is an e-mail being circulated recently. I posted it here to give the Pinoys an idea how many Filipinos are in the UAE. We are on the 6th place with 4.3% of the overall population of this nation and contribute daily in nation building as well as building the assets of the Philippine Goverment.
An official public figure in the UAE has revealed data related to the nationality split in the country. With the latest update on the census (2007), the total UAE population is touching 6.5 million people. This represents an increase of almost 70% against the preliminary results (3.8 million) that were published back in 2004. It was not a secret that the Emiratis represent a small portion from the population, the previous estimations were always between 15% and 25%; the below chart shows that it is even lower that the estimates at 13.5% only.
Details of the nationalities as follows:-

Nationality Absolute population%
Emirati 875,617 13.5%
Arab Expat 823,633 12.7%
Indian 2,367,732 36.5%
Pakistani 822,914 12.7%
Bangladesh 589,545 9.1%
Filipino 279,602 4.3%
Sri Lanka 104,623 1.6%
Iran 100,309 1.5%
Nepal 93,4691.4%
Other Asian151,2342.3%
Other African72,453 1.1%
Europe and Australia 134,630 2.1%
North American 41,3540.6%
South American 4,1770.1%

Total 6,493,929 100.0%

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