Thursday, August 13, 2009

Half Blood Chinese

According to my in-laws my daughter looks like my husband’s grandmother when she was born; F’s grandmother is a Chinese national who married a Filipino. People who know us will agree that F. looks like a Chinese well exactly because of his eyes.For me she looks like my big sister J when she was small and even my sister J. said “is she my daughter? She looks like me!” While growing up, L. started to resemble more like her dad and now at the age of five she already look like me (hurray!!!!Hail to the Queen). The same story goes, my mom has a photo of her at the age of fourteen and when I saw it I told myself that I looked like her and everyone in my family agrees even my mom. I am sure she is proud the same way as I am proud that my little girl looks like me and not anyone else. In the family, I used to hear my sister say that she looks like our dad and me and my bro D. looks like our mom.The reason behind this is the gene that is in our body that we received from them. Their gene tells the body how certain things are to look like, to act, or to function. When you're born, you are born by mixing these genes together, forming a figure(you) which looks, acts, or functions like your parents. This is why if your parents have a genetic disorder, they can inherit it to you. This t is called heredity.
I was not actually well aware that Fs grandma is a Chinese until L was born and I get surprised when I learned about it, then only I understand why F looks like a Chinese. To tell you honestly I really like Filipino men with Chinese features, its Luck.  Speaking of Chinese, I took pictures of the food I cooked for dinner about three or four days ago and I only find time today to post it. I made Chinese Fried Rice, Sui Mai and Shanghai rolls and that is what goes in to our dinner table.

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