Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Cry all your tears and laugh all your happiness
Use all your strengths and empower your weaknesses
Hate nobody and befriend your enemy
Endure life, as it has to be

Never lose hope because it is a promise
That is made in heaven for you to cherish
There are trying times, yes there is
But don’t you quit; it’s just a quiz

Prepare yourself for something new
Care for someone and be true
Discover things on your own
And see how different you have grown

Keep an eye on the keys of life
Follow your dreams and go for what's right
Withdraw all your fears and
Leave the past behind.

Written on February 15, 2003

Written by: Carla Roque

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  1. You made me miss dad more, I have my tough times too being here in Qatar, i do have lots of pressure esp. we are on our own, I know if dad is still alive he will support us no matter what it takes, i miss him so so much and i love him very very much!


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