Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer Coolers

Summer months are here again, it starts from May to September and temperature can rise as much as 50° C. Kidding aside, one can really fry eggs on the road at noontime in this time of the year. Yes, that hot.

People in Dubai prefer to stay indoors and keep cool at the malls or at home. If you are new in Dubai the weather is literally intolerable but it's gonna be fine once you get used to it. Many expatriates and even locals go abroad during this season to avoid the heat. It is the best time too to take advantage of the school summer vacation for expats to go and visit family members back home. 

Well, it is not really bad after all. Dubai has developed quite a lot of good places to go to get entertained and stay cool during summer. 

Summer is also the best time for “summer coolers”. Who said it has to be expensive to get this great tasting treat, all you have to do is have your favorite fruit ready and the rest of the ingredients are usually available in your kitchen. 

You will need the following

Tall glass
Blender (a must)

Mix all the ingredients together. Blend and transfer in a tall glass, add a straw and there you go your favorite summer cooler is ready.

I love strawberries.  It is packed with vitamins and minerals and so I prepare a strawberry smothie for Ferald and Lanna and myself. They just love it, then I pop a dvd and watch a cool movie. Its frugal and its cool.

The froggy straws are from Carrefour, its AED 3.75 each. I am buying only once since it s washeable and reusable. I bought 3 of different styles for me, my babe and my baby. :)

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