Corporate Birthday Celebrations

Today we celebrate the birthday of two of our dear colleague and friend Ehsan (one of our office boy) and Syed (our IT officer). I was in charge of ordering the cakes. I ordered two chocolate cakes since everyone in the office like it. We used to send the drivers to pick up the cakes from the confectionary store although today I have to make a call at Caesars for delivery as we lack of drivers in the office…they are out and busy.

I pick up the handset and called Caesars, I don’t have their number so I check it out on the internet. Finally I got it and an Indian male voice answered me. I ask for the flavors they have then I decide, they several chocolate cake flavors. I gave our exact office address and it was delivered on time, 3 o’clock as promised. Two cakes for the cost of AED 170.00

This was not the first time we celebrate birthdays in the office, it becomes a company tradition that we celebrate the birthday of each one of our officemates in the office apart from an extra celebration outside after work.

We do celebrate everyones birhday, all the way down to the bottom of the organization.We feel that it is important to greet one on his or her special day. It tightens the bond that we have as co-workers and it keep us as a family working towards the same goal.

My birthday last July

Hiba and Inaam's birthday

Jana's Birthday

Maher's Birthday

Raja's Birthday.
I wanted to post all the photos but some has been removed from the drive and they are not available for posting. Jeah, Eleonor, Simona and Veronika's birthday are well celebrated too. You will notice that we have been using the same round tall glass table all the time for blowing the candle and most of the photos are taken all of us sitting in a one blue couch that we love to use during birthday photoshoots.
We just love to celebrate birthdays...

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