What's in a Dream?

I hate waking up in the middle of the night to go to the W.C. I really wanted to continue with my sleep but the urge to go was stronger than my sleepiness. Even while half asleep half awake I was still contemplating wether to go or not to go. In the back of my head its says "I do not want to have urinary track infection just by holding it" so I decided to head to the W. C. with my eyes half shut.

Back to bed and I am trying to put my self to sleep but the annoying thing is that all kinds of dream started coming. It keeps coming and I would wake up with each thirty minutes or every hour. It seems that from 2:30 I am no at all sleeping.

The last dream I dreamed was... It was in the porch of my late Lolo's house in Malolos with all big and small crabs on the floor. I was with someone I dont remember but we were using a kitchen thong to catch each one and put away. I bravely thong one of the big crabs and went to the kitchen to put it aside on a big red pale. I try to open the light but it did not open so I tried searching for the pale hanging behind the door with my hands, when I get hold of the pale, one big spider like crab started crawling into my arm and I started screaming and jumping fearfully. Then with a loud scream, my husband started waking me up asking what is happening to me. I was still shaking and my heart pounding while I am telling him the story. I am an arachnophobic and the spider like crab really make me scream and jump out.

Then I wonder, why was I dreaming of crabs, is it telling of something or I was only craving for crabs these days? I tried to analyze the dream myself but could not figure it out. I decided then to check it on the internet and below it what I found out.

Meaning of Dreams about Crab: Dream Interpretation - Crab

At first glance a crab seems to be a very negative dream symbol. It could represent a "crabby" or unpleasant personality. The claws could be symbolic of a clinging and hurtful person, or a side of your own personality. There may be too much dependence, clinging and forcefulness in your life. The crab may also symbolize your inability to effectively move forward and address your own difficulties. (Remember the crab often moves sideways or backwards.) Some folklore interpretations say that the crab is an omen of poor health. However, there is a more positive interpretation for the crab in your dream. In some areas of metaphysics, the crab is a representative of the sea and the sky. It represents physical nourishment which can be obtained from the sea and also intellectual nourishment. As with all water dwelling animals, the crab could also represent something in the unconscious and the emotions.

Whatever reason I am dreaming about crabs, I hope that it will be for the better.

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  1. I don't like those times of scary nightmares. One thing that has helped me a lot is this...when awake, using the imagination to go back "into" the dream. When you're re-living the dream, you can experience it again while awake and perhaps see different ways you can react. Since our bodies don't know if we're dreaming or awake, this can sometimes help resolve whatever issues our subconscious is trying to tell us.

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