Christmas Wishlist #1 and #2

Christmas is just around the corner and it is the best time of the year for me. There is no other holiday that excites me the way I get excited about Christmas and of course New Year. Me and my husband almost finished shopping for Christmas presents for our friends and loved ones and are now waiting to be wrapped in fancy shiny colorful papers with beautiful ribbons of red and green.
Today is exactly ten days before Christmas and I wonder if I will received any gifts from anyone. It doesn't matter at all whether I will get one or not, what I like to do is to distribute gifts to friends and loved ones that I carefully pick and wrap for them when the clock strikes twelve on Christmas eve along with my hugs and kisses. I hope they will like what we've got for them.
I wanted to write a wish list this time...not to give you the idea of what you can give me :) but what I really wanted to get for myself when I have enough cash to stash.
Wish list # 1 - A Red Wallet
My sister once told me that a red wallet energize your finances. These are the most auspicious and excellent for generating more money according to Feng Shui. Why not, red also drives away evil and plus I have been hanging around for long with the black Francois Marithe Girbaud wallet I have. It is time to get a new one.
Wish list # 2 - A New Mobile Phone

This is the phone that I am using now. I bought it last September 2006 so that means that we have been together thru thick and thin for the last 3 years. Mind you it is really the best phone I had in years. It is in its best condition only needing to change the cover but it functions so well that I really scared to let it go. My N70, my companion, my on the go camera, my mirror for its front camera, my iPod, it's everything to me. I might keep it or give it to my mom when I decided to ditch it with the iPhone above. Hopefully I will get it soon. Wish me luck. Need to start shelling out some money in my piggy bank.
I actually do not remember how many phones I had, well I do, I change phones only four times, yes only four times... I am not a phone enthusiast who changes phone whenever something new came out in the market but I carefully choose which phone I wanted to buy then when I have it I will tell myself how long I wanted to keep it and use it as long as it is working and serving me its purpose, getting connected with people and a tool for my daily use.
I intend to list at least 10 things in this wish list and I will be thinking harder for tomorrow. I wanted to add here the things that I really wanted and what my heart desires. So please keep coming back and see what's up for tomorrows post.
The thing is we don't get things immediately when we say we wanted it. But keeping in mind what we really want keeps us on track and we set goals to get it.

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  1. If I may say so: ask not what you want but ask for that which you need.

    That's my Christmas message for you.

    Sige, kapag may nagbigay sa akin ng red purse, ibibigay ko sa yo. (Me ganun?).

    Merry Christmas.

  2. tama nman po kayo dun...and I guess this list will surely contain things that I basically need and wanted as well. Siyempre I can even ask for million dollars though mukang wlang magbibigay ng ganon kalaking datung, lol... talaga ha sabi mo yan ikaw ano gusto mong gift for Christmas? see you around.

    Weeweechu a Merry Christmas too. :)

  3. Swerte ba ang red wallet? Hmmm, pag-iisipan ko muna bago ko palitan ang wallet ko hahahaha.

    Para pala sa iyo ang red wallet, sige I'll pray na may magregalo sa iyo ng red wallet, kasi dapat daw ini-reregalo ang walet para maswerte.

    Marry Xmas, and may your wishlist be fulfilled this Yuletide Season.

  4. Hello Pope, oo swerte nga, thats on my own perspective.

    Gusto mo rin ba ng red wallet??? Hhmmm??? joke lng.

    ok din kung may magreregalo...but definitely i will get one for myself... I will post it here when I get one and I will see if it will bring me luck...lets see...

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