Desert Driving

I was staring at some pictures saved in my computer today. I suddenly realized that it has been 364 days since we had our first desert safari on our own along with some of my husbands coworkers. It was his first time to drive in the desert, I was nervous but was feeling so excited about the trip. We headed to the desert early in the morning of January 23, 2009, the air was cold and the sky was clear, it's the best time of the year in UAE for outdoor activities like this.

Meeting place-FEDEX Head Office-Airport Terminal 2-madilim pa ng magkitakita kami, we wanted to be there earlyOn our way...

Told you it was cold, the temperatures registers 12 degrees, by 7:40 we reach the entry to the desert, Daryl gave a short briefing on how to drive in the desert, set the two way radio on same frequescies so we will be able to communicate with each other-di ka pwedeng mawala mahirap ang rescue lalo na pag nabalaho ka sa buhangin, kailangan ng hihila sa sasakyan mo. They also remove some air from all the 4W cars tyres, this is done so the car can easily maneuver in the sand. All is set? Lets go.

  While setting the tire pressure...

Daryl giving a short briefing for all first timers...

We started our cruise to the heart of the desert.

Playing and basking at the sand dunes, some are so steep you will feel like falling. I have mixed emotions but what I know is it was fun. We met some offroaders inside, they happen to know one of our friends and they decided to cruise with us, it was a relief, they are well equipped which help us a lot when one of the cars almost fall in a steep dune and when one was burried in the sand

After all the digging, pulling and pushing, we continue with the trip , enjoy the rest of the day soaking ourselves under the sun and enjoy the beautiful scenic view of this wonderful creation of God, we also got lucky to find a herd of camels grazing and roaming around the dessert.

Tomorrow is 23/1/2010, one year after the desert experience. And again, its the most special day for the most special person in my life. Happy Birthday Hon.

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  1. Wow!Kailan kaya ako makakapunta jan? :D

  2. Ay, that's sweet. Why don't you invite him for another desert driving escapade? Make it an annual tradition ba.

  3. That's the nice thing if you got a 4WD vehicle. Nakaka desert-safari ka with confidence. Kami, we never experienced that, dahil we only own a car, front-wheel drive pa!

  4. @ LCM: kelan mo ba gusto?
    @ nebz:thanks, oo nman syempre dapat sweet. di ako pwede this year preggy ako eh
    @BV: you can try it nman, maraming desert tour companies na nagoofer ng service.

  5. Napaka-exciting naman ng trip ninyo.

    Kaunting ingat lang at medyo delikado.

    Nadaan lang po.

  6. Oh! I saw this thrice, 1st on tv,then 2nd to elis blog then again to you. If I will be in dubai, I will try that..

  7. Wow, ang sarap siguro mag-deser safari. Kaya lang, hindi ba delikado? Parang bigla akong natakot nung nakita ko yung wheels buried in the sand.

    Belated happy birthday sa hubby mo. God bless and ingat kayo lagi dyan.

  8. Wow! five years na ako dito sa dubai, havent experienced safari yet =) pero ang nakakainggit, you've made it in your own wheels =)

    Ingats sa pregnancy...

    (btw, got to see you by my going around kablogs... )

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