History Unveiling-Burj Khalifa Inauguration

Burj Khalifa also known as Burj Dubai, the tallest building in the world today measuring 828 m tall was inaugurated last night parallel to the 4th year accession of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

Eight skydivers appeared in the sky carrying UAE flags landed in front of Sheik Mohammad, there were also the spectacular breathtaking fireworks that lit the building up to its full height while the dancing fountain below was continuously dancing in synchronization with the fireworks display, thousands of spectators’ crowded Dubai Mall promenade and surrounding area.

I watch it on the live telecast of Dubai One on TV at home and from the window in my room as it is the actual view from there. It was really a wonderful view. Here are some of the pictures to share to you.

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  1. It was a breathtaking spectacular event, another first historic record for Dubai which its nationals and expats should be proud of.

  2. I saw it on Dubai One just now. Engrande nga sya! The fireworks are really as beautiful as your photos in your post.

    Sa dami ng fireworks akala ko pinasabog na nila ung building. I can only imagine the smog the next morning sa dami ng fireworks na ginamit nila.

    Congratulations sa inyo dyan sa Dubai. Once again, another historical moment and you're lucky to witness it.

    Happy New Year and Three Kings!

  3. Bakit kailangang magtayo ng ganyang katangkad na gusali, parang delikado. Tourist attraction ang target, siguro.

    Anong nasa loob ng building? Offices, museum, library, or shops?

  4. @Pope: Yes its trully something Dubai is proud of. If you will read the statistics of Burj Khalifa, as in talagang mapapa-WOW ka.

    @isladenebz:Thanks, oo nga it really a history unveiling, its one good experience working abroad

    @RJ:Ofcourse, its an iconic tower, the tallest in the world. It actually surpasses all the rest of the tall buidling built previously, it has the Armani Residence inside...

  5. Wow!! I wonder how SUPERMAN could leap here. :-) Remember "Able to Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound"? Very Extravagant indeed!!


  6. wow, the opening ceremonies look great! it looks like they really went all the way, huh? ;-)

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