Blogging since 2005

I never took blogging as a serious hobby until today. I like writing and writing is fun. Keeping an online journal nowadays is normal too.

I didn't realize that I was blogging since 2005. I started with Friendster and have written quite a number of posts. I stop and started with Piczo where I get to design my own site, adding pictures, editing html, writing my own text etc. I have learned a lot from those blogs and I am able to apply such skills in updating Yellow Bells. I named my first blog as Thorn Goblishimmer meaning bringer of riches and wealth while the one with piczo is Myela's Place.

Here are some few interesting topics I have posted since 2005

1. sSuPpErZz EvALiBoDi

2. lEts bE rEaSonAble

3.7 Habits of highly effective people

4. Thoughts to Ponder

5. 4 everybody to read…repost

6. Arachnophobia-Fear of Spiders

7. oVerJoyEd

8. Self Confidence


10. High School Life


  1. Hey congrats, half decade na din =)

    I started late pero I'm still thankful I did, especially keeping journals of my son's growing up...

    I take this from kablogs and say the same to you: Keep inspiring, keep blogging!

  2. Hi Carla, luckily you get to keep your blogs. Sometimes, when I feel like changing I just delete my old posts and start anew. Now I regret doing that coz I have nothing to look back. Lol!

  3. Congratulations! biruin mo halos kalahating dekada ka na palang nagba-blog.

    Promise iisa-isahin ko yang nasa list sa bakasyon ko hehehe. Adik pa namang akong magbasa hahaha.

  4. Dapat kitang i-clap clap, your amazing, 5 years of blogging and 5 years of inspiring people around the world.

    Thank you so much for the 5 wonderful years of sharing your life to the world.

    God bless you.


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