How to Transfer Ajman Drivers License to Dubai Drivers License

If you are a holder of Ajman drivers license and you want to transfer it to Dubai, I have enumerated for you the following steps to follow.

I wrote this to help those people who wishes to transfer their drivers license from Ajman to Dubai.

During my time, I find it hard to figure out how to do it and I have to go to RTA offices three times just to get all the information I need. I tried searching the internet for help but no recourse. I also called RTA offices but I cannot get the right information that I needed through the phone so I decided to go there myself.

I have a Dubai driver's license from the beginning so I don't have a problem however my boss holds an Ajman driver's license and he wants it transferred to Dubai.

How did I do it? Here's how.

1. Get an NOC from Dubai RTA addressed to Ajman Muroor ( its free of charge), you can either go       to Al Barsha Br. or to Deira Br. behind Dubai Police General HQ.

2. Submit the NOC, your original Ajman DL, copy of your passport with visa page to Ajman RTA to     get the NOC from them now addressed to Dubai RTA.

3. Once you get the NOC from Ajman RTA, you must prepare the following documents

Duly filled application with signature
1 passport size photo
Photo copy of passport (along with original for verification purpose)
Eye test paper form authorized optical shops or clinics (visual optics, al jaber optical etc)
Sponsor's Letter

4. Submit all these documents personally to Dubai RTA Licensing Dept.

Note: The person must come personally as photos will be taken even you are submitting a photo already.

The process will only take at least 30 minutes but the time you have to wait will depend on the queue, there is always section for ladies as well. Fees will be AED 210.

Special Note: Dubai does not require blood test to get a driver's license while Ajman and some other Emirates does

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