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My Wasel Renewal

Beep Beep! Beep Beep! That was the sound of my phone, old one huh?

I have received a message, I was suppose to ignore it but on second thought maybe one of my family member is sending me an sms so I grab my mobile phone and check. Well its not because its from UAE's telecom provider. I was subscribed to them for like 7 years now. Lets read the message.

From: Etisalat
"Dear customer, to keep your line active without service interruption and to continue enjoying Etisalat services, please ensure to renew your Wasel account before today midnight.

Renew your Wasel NOW with only AED 50 & also get free credit of AED25 upon renewal."

This must be the 5th message I have received from Etisalat since February started, my renewal is due on the 26th of Feb and they make sure that I don't forget it. Sure I will renew, after all I need my pre-paid line to be working 24/7. Thank you for the AED 25 this is good enough to talk to my mom for like 10-20 minutes.

Etisalat has been UAE's telecommunication provider since 1976, they have enjoyed years of monopoly in this country until another telecom provider arise -DU.

In UAE, one cannot obtain an Etisalat number without submitting a passport copy and valid visa or reisdency. I got mine in February 2003 for AED 180 under my sisters' name as I was on visit visa by then. Later on when I have my own visa then I process to transfer it under my name, well of course not for free its AED 50.

I have no complaint about their service, they are very effecient so far. I have also my Al Shamil broadband connection with them and I am happy with it. This telecom company have aquired strategic ways in providing telecom service and good customer relations as well.