Self Portrait-Pieces of Art

My work requires me to visit Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) Government Services Office from time to time as I have to accompany people for visa application and medical test as well as submit important company related documents at the DIFC ROC.

At DIFC, many art pieces are being exhibited and this time I have notice these cute paintings entitled "self portrait" that lined up the walls of the government office. These are art pieces created by Mohammad Orabi a famous artist from Damascus Syria, you can peek more of his art pieces at Ayyam Gallery

"His portraits are at once reflective of his fascination with one's childhood experiences as they are investigations into the human spirit"

The artwork look so naive, I stared at them several minutes and travels back in time to hark back to my own childhood memories.


  1. They are simply striking works of art. It symbolizes tranquility and simplicity.

  2. If you didn't say who the artist is for these paintings, I would say it was made by a woman.

    Simple but beautiful.

  3. i'm no artist but have the eyes to appreciate art. and these works are just awesome. thanks for sharing. :D


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