The Little Prince

Hi folks, salam, hello there everyone, I miss you guys! I am back!

Do you know the book The Little Prince?

I remember reading this book when I was in high school and I've been meaning to read it again however that is not the topic of today's post. I know everyone is waiting for 'the announcement.'

Baby naming is such a challenging job for parents. Since I and my husband got married, we've been dreaming of naming our baby as Lance, we think that it is a very nice name and it is inspired by our first baby-our Mitsubishi lancer-our very first car.

The photos are taken way back in 2003, I was pregnant with our first baby who happens to be a girl and since Lance is meant for a boy, we named her Lanna Micaela, Lanna is Superman's leading lady in SmalleVille who was played by Christine Kruk. Micaela is my husbands favorite baby name for a girl.

After Six Years...

A new inspiration is here and he needs a name. We decided that we will call him Lance Jerard, then we changed our mind and we said we will name him Lance Ferald and again we could not make up our mind and finally we said we will call him Lance Gabriel. Alright, so we are settled with Lance Gabriel.

At the delivery suite #4 at Al Wasl Hospital, my husband just happened to think of another name that he wants to add to the baby's name, he wanted to add Prince. I am already in pain every two minutes and I could not clearly think but the sound of Prince pleases me so I agreed with him. The baby's name became Prince Lance Gabriel. It's a pretty name though some family members and friends says it is too long and joke to us that he will be late for his exams by just writing his name on the paper. We are the parents and I certainly believed that the little prince will be thankful enough for his beautiful name.

Now its time to meet the Prince.....

The above photo was taken seconds after Prince was born. He was kept in my chest skin contact for warmth and bonding of the baby and mother. It was a wonderful feeling to hold him for the very first time. All the labor pain is gone now and only the pain from the wound is there. The warmth of my body calms Prince and he stops crying now reaching for some milk. :)

I promise more photos on upcoming posts. Ciao for now! mommy needs to feed the baby!

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  1. Kisses and more kisses from this side to Prince Lance =) Seeing him made me miss how it was taking care of my son when he was newborn. May you enjoy the experience... Sana mahaba-haba maternity leave mo =)

  2. Congratulations for having a new baby boy! Prince is so pink. What a joy to see your baby on your chest.Kisses to your little angel.

  3. glad to know you had safe pregnancy and delivery. your new bundle of joy looks healthy; a charming 'PRINCE' indeed! kumpleto na, may girl at boy ka na, wow! congratulations!

  4. awww what a priceless moment. a new baby infant boy, YAWNING. grabe. i pray that he'll have a great life. have a nice day to the lucky parents :)


  5. Welcome Prince Lance Gabriel to the world!

    And congratulations to both you and your husband, Carla!

    (Late na ako!!!)

  6. Napadaan para batiin ka ng Happy Mother's Day. Have a great day with your family.

  7. congratulations to you and your husband for a new baby boy! his name sounds like a royalty :)

  8. wow! thats a nice photo para i kuadro, para mag laki ni lance, he will remember na ganun siya ka BIG MOUTH when out to real world, hahaha.

    Congrats. He is one bouncing babay!!!

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