Dads Day ArtCraft

"Dad, you are the best dad in the whole wide world." "I love you!"  "We love you so much!"Lanna said.

My daughter never fails to say those words to her dad all the time even if it is not Fathers Day but today is Fathers Day so we wanted it to be special.

There are thousand ways to surprise dad on his special day and we thought of making something out of paper. Yes, paper.

It is already summer and no school so Lanna is always at home. I wanted to keep her busy as much as I could and artcraft is one thing I can teach her. We are going to make No 1 badge and I love dad banner today. We only needed creep paper, color paper, paste, scissors, old color magazines, stapler and ribbon which is already available at home. She was very excited and was very cooperative and eager to finish our project before dad comes home. We finished it in no time and by the time dad reached home our paper art craft is ready and even Feralds' requested viand for dinner is ready.

We presented him the badge and he was happy about the I love dad banner we stick on the wall. We love you dad and happy fathers day. Hurray to all fathers in the world. Happy Fathers Day to Daddy Ben and Daddy Ray as well as my kuya Dinoh and Kuya Jho.

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