Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pinay Scandal-the battle continues

As per Google trend "Pinay Scandal" is one of the most searched tag in the Internet by the web surfing Filipinos and "Maniac" web surfers around the world. When you google "Pinay" it will give you loads of  sexy, hot, exotic , mail order brides instead of "Pinay" meaning a Filipino Woman in its true sense. It saddened me because I am "Pinay", my mom is "Pinay" and so is my sister and daughter. Let us continue to battle until we reach the equilibrium or more than that so next time when people search for the word "Pinay" they will stumble upon your article or mine and let them know that Pinay is a word to be respected because it actually pertains to a female human being residing in the beautiful island of the Philippines.

this is an experiment...I am bit scared, I hope Yellow Bells will not get blocked by Etisalat just because of the title.

I wanted to see for myself if this is true, people attesting to it, if it happens to them then it can happen to me. I am not apologetic, if you landed on my blog searching for a piece of Filipina or Pinay Scandal, well as I have mentioned above, this is an experiment. many says that Pinay Scandal can generate traffic so here it is.

I am happy that I learned about this campaign, finally I am writing something for a common cause, thanks to Marhgil Macuha’s SEO Pinay Scandal Experiment.

On another note

I started blogging five years ago however I am not very active in writing for my blog all the time. There were times that I actually want to delete my account. I even asked myself why was I blogging, what's the point of writing about my life and sharing with anyone who stumble upon my blog.

There are only three reasons why I created a personal blog: and so I thought...

1. To make money online-when I learned from a program on TV long time ago that a Filipino was earning big bucks from blogging and that I can get paid by writing, I became so interested I wanted to start my own blog right away, I did not even make an adept research on how I am suppose to do that and how I will succeed. Life goes on, four blogs and no luck until I learned about Google AdSense, I signed up and incorporate adverts on my blog that is now known as "Yellow Bells". This blog was actually dedicated to my dad and why I call it Yellow Bells? that's another story. As I was saying writing, I chose Blogspot as my flat form because I saw that it has a monetize tab where I can follow my clicks and page earnings but as you can see below, I have none. :( we will see if this one works

2. Enhance my writing skills-even if  I am nose bleeding, even I am a graduate of mass communication major in broadcast communication, my English writing skills needs enhancement so I try to communicate in English as much as I can. I should have taken journalism instead.

3. To have fun and have more friends-I have loads already, you can be one if you wish to.

I said three reasons but that's not all anymore...there is another reason why I wanted to keep Yellow Bells running

4. I wanted to write for a cause, I wanted to write in order to promote change but for the the better and benefit of many readers.

5. This is my online journal, someday soon my siblings will grow up, I want them to see what is their moms idealistic view as well as critic nature.

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