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As much as I love cooking and eating, I also love taking photos of the food I cook for my family. I love to look at food photos because it looks more appealing and appetizing.

When I do not know what to eat and what to cook, I browse the Internet for ideas and I experiment in the kitchen like a scientist in his lab.  I use ingredients available in my kitchen. I love herbs, but only in Dubai that I learn to use spices in food so when I cook something with herbs my in-laws would simply call it "Arabic" taste. I have basil and oregano for my pasta and pizza, I have rosemary for my grills, I also have cinnamon powder, chili flakes, turmeric powder, thyme, and sumac powder and the list is still growing.

Some photos saved on my computer are still waiting to debut here at Yellow Bells. You have to forgive me as I am not able to provide the recipes since I do not cook as per the given quantity on the food sites I am visiting, I only get the idea and I am off to the kitchen for my food experiments. My family loves what I cook for them even most of the time they call it "pacham" meaning pa-tiyamba-tiyamba lng. (*wink)

Below you will find photos of our sumptuous Noche Buena last December 2009

Pork B-b-q, yes that's right pork is available in UAE but it is sold separately in a designated room in supermarkets and it is not allowed to be served at restaurants however it can be served at "Hotel" restaurants. I use pork belly and I grill it using my George Foreman lean mean fat grilling machine.

Everyone loves spaghetti

Prawn in the butter-garlic sauce. hmm heavenly!

Lumpiang Shanghai-do you know that this dish is tastier when you add red capsicum to the meat filling?

This one is Crema de Fruta courtesy of my sister

It looks like I am having a food series here on my blog, well I am enjoying it. I hope you like it. More Food entries coming soon.

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  1. There was a time I became fonder of taking photos of food than the people. Haha.

  2. Im interested of the lumpia, maganda ang pagkabalot, hindi sabog. The rest of the food looks yummy too.Pag yan ang handa lagi sa bahay, tyak lolobo kami in a week, but happy!

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