Jejemon pa si kikay

My daughter wanted to have her own farm on Facebook so I created a Facebook account for her so she can play Farmville. Since we bought our Toshiba laptop, we allowed her to use it with supervision, of course, we know kids nowadays are also into modern gadgets although we try to limit her exposure to at least an hour a day. In grade 1 she already had a computer class and she knew how to use the computer sometimes more than her dad, funny but true, just think how old we were when we had our first use of computers, for me it was way back in high school, it was MS-DOS back then.

In the office, my colleague asked me if I was online on FB? I asked her why I said maybe it was Lanna and I was right, it was her. They had a short conversation, Lanna is able to read quite fast now and she is familiarizing herself with Tagalog words since she does not have Tagalog subjects in school. The conversation goes like this:

Lanna: hi po

Jeah: san ka

Lanna: sa home po

Jeah did not reply anymore and she is still waiting for her reply...

Lanna again: but po hinde kaw soma sagot

I felt very proud of Lanna as her mom. At six she passed grade one and was promoted to grade two this coming September 2010. She loves reading so I support her so much, I buy her books from time to time, I read her stories every night and I read at home myself to show her that reading is a very important and interesting hobby. I have no doubt she can read, speak, and write in English with all the words she knows by now. I am proud of her because even though she doesn't have a Tagalog subject she is trying her best to write in our own language. to help her with her Tagalog I bought her ABAKADA book. In fact, she easily learns reading by syllables in Tagalog and in English with the help of this book. It is good to teach our children the beauty of reading at an early age.

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  1. I remember utilizing comics also aside from Abakada to enhance the Tagalog reading skills.

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