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I was reading an article entitled panahon ko to ni at wits end, it reminded me of the old times when all the modern communication technology are non-existent. We used to write letters, seal it in an airmail envelope, buy stamps and send it thru post offices, thats why post codes are so important to us back then because our mails will not reach its destination without this four to five digits codes.  

See the picture here, this is a letter I wrote two days ago for my mom, those pictures are my family's recent photos which I gave for printing to send to her in the Philippines. She likes having our pictures inserted in her bible, she said that we will always have Gods blessing because when she read the bible and when she pray, our photos are there and it is being blessed and we are being blessed. Thanks mom.

Why do I have to send her a letter and printed photos? The answer is simple, she will appreciate this more than browsing the net to look at our photos posted in facebook. She can carry our picutres and my letter anywhere and show it to friends since she does not have her own netbook :) Old folks does not need the gadgets that we all wanted, they are happy that we care for them, they are happy to have a simple mobile phone instead of an Iphone 4 that we all are yearning for.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you write a handwritten letter to your dear ones? When? you dont remember, I do, that was two days ago. So go on get a pen and paper and write them letters send it via post. It is unique to write a letter for your mom or your dad in your blog but be sure they will be able to read it. As for me, I will be happy when my mom receives my letter and again insert those pictures in her bible.

Ciao for now.