Gym at my building

Ever since we moved into our apartment last 2009, I have not paid attention to the gym facility that is just right on top of our flat. It lies there waiting for health enthusiast to take advantage of the benefits that the exercise machines can bring to the one seeking to get fit. What I used to do was to complain about the people who use the facility very early in the morning and very late at night as we can overhear the noise of dumbbells plummet on the floor. We even hear the sound of chains being drag on the floor at midnight that makes us conclude that there is a ghost hunting the place. With this in mind, the more I cannot stay there on my own. The end result, I don’t use the gym at all but I don’t blame the phantom for not having the heart and motivation to exploit the facility until my sister-in-law encourages me and the rest of our flat mates to move our butt and stop sitting on the couch.

I finally dropped all the idea of the phantom and I valiantly head to the gym, from that day on after I felt the sweat run down my cheeks and triumphantly overcome laziness, today has been the nth time of my gym engagements. After all, the gym facility is part of the annual rent that we are paying so might as well use it for the whole year and make the most out of it.

The gym includes two treadmills, two bicycles; two sit up boards, one weight training machine, set of dumbbells, and an elliptical machine. There is another machine for waist twisting and leg muscle workout but I don’t know how to call it. It is fully air-conditioned, newly painted and well maintained.

Today as I savor the strength gained from previous gym trainings while using the treadmill I thought of something that I can do to make the place more enticing for its users like me, I am planning get informative posters about health and fitness for the wall. The white wall is weary and needing some makeover. I know it will not cost a fortune and with a little help from some users, our gym will be more appealing. I will talk about that on my next entry, ciao for now.

My Yellow Bells

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  1. Hi Yellow bells,

    Hahaha I didn't know you're also still awake at this hour. And its really cool you got a free gym to use... Just hope that the ghost part wasn't

    Though I have to admit, I am one lazy mom to do some exercise. Hopefully, some day I'll kick that bad habit of


  2. Hi eve,

    right I am still up and awake but I also went to get some sleep after publishing this entry. We really need to move our body otherwise we will keep on gaining weight lalo na pagmagana kumain kagaya ko hihihi

  3. Sana lahat ng building kasama ang gym sa facilities :)

    Kainggit...buti ka pa nakakapag gym. Next time makikita namin sa post mo, super sexy Carla na :) Tuloy mo lang yan.

  4. I have to admit, I haven't gone to a gym. I'm more of the "outdorsy" type—would love to jog and walk and hike and run. But I have to say that I think it is pretty cool to have a gym right where you live.

    Hope you could share with us again some photos of the gym if the changes you are proposing will push through.

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