Magimpok sa Bangko

I am frequenting PNoy website since its launch last August 2010 to read news and current events about what his new administration is doing as well as voice out opinion and participate in the forum. I liked TITO NOY page that's why I made the poster that you can see here using the humble MS Office paint application, I also submitted the same to Fingers crossed, hope it is good enough to be published in his website. :)

I believe in teaching the young ones the core values of our society for them to grow as responsible individual who will not burden the country but contribute in its progress. Teaching the kids the value of money and savings will not only make a child learn to value his possessions like money but will also benefit him in the future.

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  1. maganda yan, and sana ang bansa uunlad na. Im in France, I saw the wide difference how the french govt works, and wish the phil govt does the same.
    Example, sss benefits of

    1.80%reimbursements if you got sick includes dentals.

    2.Out of work same salary paid by sss, until such time gets employed again.
    3.50%of your salary add on if have a child to feed until 3years old.

    4.6months vacation leave with pay for all pregnant women, married or not as long as an employee.

    5. gibain ang squatters, pero palitan ng condos, at paupahan ng 20%lang out of their salary, na upa sa mga empleyado.

    marami pa pero malayo pa na magaya ng pinas ang sss ng france. But who knows, sana, magawan ni Pnoy na gaya sa France.

  2. so agree. mas magandang magimpok habang bata pa kasi pag matanda na, damang dama mo na ang dami ng expenses at marami ang nahihirapan talagang magipon. ang dami ng excuses. Pero kung bata pa lang matitrain na magiging habit na nila un. and saving money will become automatic.


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