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Al Bidya Mosque

After visiting Wadi Wurayah, our next stop, the oldest mosque known as Al Bidya Mosque in Khor Fakkan which architectural design is unique among mosque built in the entire Emirate with its distinctive structure specially its roof consisting of four pointed domes and supported by an internal pillar. It is built of stone and mud bricks and is coated in many layers of whitewashed plaster. According to the radiocarbon analysis, the construction of this mosque date back as early as 1446 AD.

The rehabilitation and restoration works of Al Bidya Mosque were carried out by Dubai Municipality in coordination with The Heritage and Archeology Department of Fujairah. This is a famous tourist destination in the emirate of Fujairah which you should not miss.

Atop the hill is a small castle which is also an important archeological site, we climbed the hill for some photo opportunities

View from the hill

the other castle

two castles from far