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A Trip to Wadi Wurayah

It was a sunny Friday morning of September 24 when my husband and I headed east towards Fujairah.

This mountain (or part of it) is famously known as the Hajar Mountain. Even if you see it as all rocks, the mountain is rich in flora and fauna. On the other side of the mountain are beautiful pristine beaches with crystal clear waters belonging to the Gulf of Oman.

Fujairah is about 150 km away from Dubai and it is about 2.5 hours drive, so whenever you are planning a trip to this Emirate, pack a good amount of food and bottles of water and make sure the gas tank is full. Well actually, it won't even be a problem because there are a lot of gas stations along the way where you can stop to buy all you needed but it is worth being prepared for a long trip like this so you won't waste your time queuing at the counter.

This road trip is a little unique and special this time as me and my hubby are celebrating our 7th year wedding anniversary and we decided to experience something new together. Deep in the Hajar Mountain lies lots of wadis and we are on our search for the fountain of youth! Kidding (wink)! We are heading to the famous Wadi Wurayah waterfall which was the first protected mountain area in the UAE last March 16, 2009, and is believed to be home to the country's last Arabian leopard.

The road to recovery of this famed wadi still goes a long way but it is not impossible when many people are already helping each other towards its rehabilitation and protection. The aim is not to drive away people but to bring in people to see it, to become another tourist attraction for Fujairah, for UAE.

To those people coming to visit Wadi Wurayah, I personally appeal to you. Please do not leave any carbon marks to this valuable part of nature, do not vandalized the rock walls. Take back everything that you bring in on your way out and remember nature has its own way of returning the balance to it so we better be cautious of what we do to it.

After more than two hours we reached our destination, the mouth of the wadi. The sign says: warning deep water, children must be accompanied by their parents.

We continue to venture deep into the mountain heading to the wadi waterfall. It was really stunning and you need to see it yourself. 

The rocks, dry and dull as it may seem but still I could not stop myself from admiring the mountains majestic form.

Many people use this dangerous winding path to get to the wadi, mostly Pakistanis are braving to come down from this stiff route. Beware, there are no ropes or steps. I personally wouldn't dare.

Behind us (above photo) is where the water cascade down to the waterfall straight to the wadi pool. I shy away to take photos of the waterfall and pool because there are already too many half-naked men bathing in it. The water as you see above is crystal clear, cool and fresh, some small fish swims in it too.

 Ferald and I on our way out of the wadi

Look at that height, probably more than a twenty story building.

We promised that this will not be our first and last trip to Wadi Wurayah. Now that we know how to get here. Next time we will take our kids with us. Probably swim at the wadi pool.

So ciao for now!


  1. galing, saan kayo dito sa uae.

    i followe you and link. hope you could link me here and followed to. para masaya ang blogging

  2. I've never been to other emirates except for Abu Dhabi and Dubai. :)

  3. hi bell, txs for the visit..sayang di tayo nagkita dyan..txs too for bringing back alive the memory of UAE alive thru ur stories..

    keep me posted :)..and more power!

  4. heyy ..
    Can u please tell me the route to Wadi Wurayah from Dubai.
    Thank U ..!!

  5. @ Diamond R: we are from Dubai you are inmy links now
    @wits: I am sure you will find fujairah a beautiful place too.
    @Aj: the world is getting smallerm malay mo we will meet someday
    @ Maryam, it is really hard to explain but google it and you will find the coordinates from the net.

  6. Hi Can i have your email id please? i need to ask few questions as to how to reach there? kind reagards and thanks for sharing. Mel

  7. Hi,
    Glad to know that you reach and see the natural beauty of the valley "WADI WURAYA". First time I came there in 1997, because of its beauty I humbly, proudly brought my friends, family & relatives in Dec 2,2006. Last Friday 23 Aug 2013 when I revisited the place,.. quite disgusting, maraming kalat,
    and it looks you're in Karachi. By the way, if happens that you're still here, hope to see you this Friday or Thursday night camping with "KEEP FIT-
    KUNTAW KIDZ" along w/ Kuntaw parents. 'Till here, take care & GOD BLESS!


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