World Record of Books

Longest Title: The longest title of a book is 1,433 characters (290 words) and was written by Davide Ciliberti (Italy) in July 2007. The book describes the idiosyncrasies of the PR world.

The full title is "Per favore dite a mia madre che faccio il pubblicitario lei pensa che sono un pierre e che quindi regalo manciate di free entry e consumazioni gratis a chi mi pare, rido coi vips, i calciatori le veline e le giornaliste, leggo Novella e mi fotografano i paparazzi, entro neI privé saltando la coda, bevo senza pagare, sono ghiotto di tartine e gin tonic, ho la casa piena di oggetti di design, conosco Paris Hilton, Tom Ford ed Emilio"


Largest Fashion Catalogue: The largest fashion catalogue had 212 pages measuring 1.2 m x 1.5m (3 ft 11 in x 4 ft 11 in) and was a replica of the Bon Prix S2 catalogue Voila! when unveiled in Hamburg, Germany on August 30, 2003.


Most Letters Published in a Single National Paper: Shailendra Singh Yadav (India) had 214 letters published in the AJ Independent Hindi Daily newspaper between 2 January and 30 December 2007.


Smallest Koran:The smallest published Koran book measures 1.7 cm × 1.28 cm × 0.72 cm (0.66 in × 0.50 in × 0.28 in). It is published in an unabridged, bound version, in fine print Arabic and is 571 pages long.The book was published in Cairo in 1982 and is owned by Dr. Muhammad Saeed Karim Beebani of Pakistan.


Best Selling Copyright Book: In November 2003, Guinness World Records celebrated the publication of its 100 millionth copy! This confirms that, excluding non-copyright works such as the Bible and the Koran, the definitive book of world records is the world's best selling book.

It was first published in October 1955 by Guinness Superlatives, a subsidiary of Arthur Guinness Son Co. (Park Royal) Ltd and has since gone global, selling in some 37 languages.Comparatively, the five Harry Potter books to date have sold over 100 million copies, and Mao Tse-Tung's Little Red Book was sold or given away to around 900 million.



Most Visited Online Book Club: Book Divas

Book Divas is the online book club for the young and young at heart. Started in 2002 as a community for girls to freely express themselves and share in their love of books, Book Divas has welcomed members from all over the world and has featured some of the biggest names in publishing for signature Author Visits: Meg Cabot, Christoper Paolini, E. Lockhart, Anne Brashares, John Green, Melissa Marr, and many other fanstastic authors.
It started as a forum, Book Divas now features Book Reviews, Author Interviews, Tips from the Industry, Book Videos & Trailers, and -- of course -- Contests. Book reviews are powered by great, extensive network of reviewers from all over the United States (and some times, even the world).
Book Divas is a privately owned subsidy of the Diva Entertainment Group Inc., a company founded and run by Leah Messina. The Diva Entertainment Group aims to provide online communities for women of all ages.
Info Source: Guinness World Records and Book Divas

More power to Book Divas.

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