Heavy Rain Lashes Dubai!

When we say Middle East, it is usually hot and dry and some people are asking whether it is raining in this part of the world. The answer is yes of course but not all the time, maybe once, twice or three times during winter.

Those of us who are used to rainy weather like the Philippines misses rain so much that's why when it rains, we are among the happiest people around here. Once we captured in video, the rain coming from the Northern Emirates towards Dubai and the video here in the post is what I am talking about.

Happy winter everyone, let us enjoy it while it last.

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  1. umulan nga kanina, bad trip pati yung job interview ko muntik nang mapurnada! buti na lang may nagoyo akong taxi driver hintaid ako sa pupuntahan ko!

    but its nice to see raining in dubai paminsan minsan, it reminds you of home, of family and of your old self. kaso bitin, saglit lang, parang wala, di man lang bumaha, lol

  2. hi chico, tama it reminds me of my old self and of home. gusto ko yun kaya nga goto or congee ang dinner namin kagabi, two bowls of hot goto with lemon and chili just perfect for a rainy day like this

  3. I waited for the rain last night. Pero droplets lang. Kakamiss ang ulan!

  4. pinagbigyan naman kami dito wits basang basa rin ang kalsada at ang dumi ng mga cars, kita na naman ang mga car wash...

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