Slimming Coffee or KILLER Coffee? Better Safe Than Sorry!

Better safe than SORRY!

I was waiting for four boxes of slimming coffee from the Philippines. I consumed two boxes of the same coffee about three or four months ago, and as promised I lost almost five kilos. Too good to be true? I know but it happened to me that's why I can't wait for it to come I have been asking for updates from a friend whose relative is coming to Dubai if he is able to bring it for me.

That thought was a day ago before I stumbled upon an article the next day which says "Slimming Coffee or KILLER Coffee?" I had goosebumps with the word killer capitalized by Bang. I thought to myself this is not the coffee I took months back but I continue reading the article with doubts that it might be the same coffee because I heard that this brand is the most popular in the Philippines. When I scroll down the page, I saw a photo of the same box and sachets I used to tear every morning for about 24 days that actually help me lose the extra baby weight.

This is not good, with so much interest I read the whole article including all its comments, and believed me people are in a debate, some favoring the coffee and many thanking the author for what she claimed to be the "accidental discovery."

With friend's testimonials that it really works and with me desperate to trim the extra baby weight, I become complacent and ignore the dangers that might be present in the coffee which according to my research before I even started drinking it, this kind of slimming coffee present in the market might contain traces of Sibutramine which was withdrawn in the market by US, UK, EU, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Sibutramine is an oral anorexiant in simple terms, it suppresses the appetite.

True or not that this coffee is a killer, which this days effect is still favorable but who knows it might bring lots of sicknesses when I get older like cancer, for example, the fact that I did not lay my hands on it ever again, I'd rather have that 5K run once more to lose weight and get toned muscles instead of having a fab body and become ill in my olden days. As they say, prevention is the cure and it is always better safe than sorry.

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  1. I need to trim down as well because I'm eating more than the necessary. Slimming teas and other products are tempting. But I don't buy it since hardwork (i.e. exercise) is still the best option.

    It's good your orders from the Philippines have been delayed, you've been saved from the further harm. ;)

  2. hi carla!
    be very cautious in taking in anything. i don't need to remind you or anyone of course that it's important to read labels, contents and whatnot before we assimilate it on our system.

  3. @wits: that is soooo true mabuti na lng there are concerned bloggers around otherwise I would have been in the verge of taking those coffee one more time. :)

    @docgelo: thanks doc however the packaging of the coffee did not mention anything about its content meron lng warning that is it is not recommend for people with high blood pressure and lactating moms.

  4. I am hoping that the Philippines FDA will be able to do something about it noh!

  5. anung slimming coffe po b yung sinasabi u.?post u nmn ung pic dto.thnx

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