Dubai World Trade Center - photo taken by my husband in 2010

This photo was taken from the Etisalat building near the Dubai World Trade Center. A beautiful view from the elevator of the building eh? DWTC building was inaugurated in 1979 when all the building behind and beside it are non-existent. If only it could talk, it can tell us the story how each and every skyscraper along SZR was built. It was hazy but you can still see the shadow of Burj Khalifa from far, the Emirates Towers and look at the Metro, looks gorgeous. 

I searched for the old 70's picture of DWTC with the clock tower as its background for comparison but to no avail instead I put this (above) for you to see the difference of then and now.

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  1. I am much interested on comparative photos. Dubai has grown much, rapidly! I enjoy listening to the stories of senior Filipinos (based here for over 20 years) about the more simple UAE of yesteryears.

  2. hi wits, welcome, me too so much, looking back at the years how it was. I still remember my sister telling me that back in 1998 how cheap the food was and that it was all desert after the dusit hotel in dubai until abu dhabi.

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