Travelling Back in Time and Admiring the City

A Clean and Beautiful City that was Manila-wasn't actually in Spanish time but the American era

My Yellow Bells

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  1. I often wonder kung paano kaya kung nabuhay ako sa panahon ng mga Espanyol, o ng mga Hapon, o ng mga Amerikano :)

  2. hi yellow bells- tuwing nagkukwento ang lolo ko about manila and ilog pasig,bakas ko sa kanya yung panghihinayang sa loob ng maraming taon na napabayaan daw ng tao ang dating lungsod ng kalinisan.

  3. i felt the same way while watching these videos, if only it was kept clean and organized, even the people are well behaved, it would have been a more nice place to stay. Here in Dubai, even the city develops and become industrialized, people are taking care of the environment not to mention that they have the money to maintain the city clean and target to make it green in the years to come. thanks for passing by pamatayhomesick.:)

  4. Ever imagined what children of tomorrow will say of our times now?

    Itong mga videos na ito ang nagpapatunay na we are changing and evolving sa panahong may kaakibat na maganda at may kasamang nakakarimarim.

    True, our environment gets the brunt of our changing times.

  5. hi Nebz, so true I, the scary stuff is when mother nature comes back with vengeance.

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