Ava's Flower Arrangements

I needed to get some flowers for the office, it was some last minute preparation for the board meeting due to a change of venue. I was suppose to have them from a flower shop at the DIFC but since they require to pre-order the arrangements, which I didn't :o, I had to locate some flower shop who can make them customized to my requirement without having to follow a catalogue. I was lucky to go to Rose Studio along Sheikh Zayed Road from time to time to print my photos as I suddenly remember that half of the photo studio was a flower shop.

I got lucky once more when I saw that a kabayan man the counter "Thanks God" I whisper to myself, not only that, to me he looks like a talented angle from heaven sent to me to arrange beautiful flowers. Indeed he was the perfect person to help me at this point and on the first look, I know that he knows his craft.

After our short greeting, I explained to him what I needed and in a breeze he present me these beautiful flower arrangements.

 long and low  for the board room - blue and white

tall and pretty for the reception - red and white

Ava as he calls himself is indeed a talented person, I learned from our conversation that he hails from Tarlac and he has been in the UAE for the last six years (as we joked, beterano na sa Dubai :)) like me, we laughed even harder when I told him that I was way ahead of him, nine years.

Like his vibrant attitude, his flower arrangements gives a room or weary corner a warm glow. A million thanks to you Ava. Mwah!

Rose Studio - Sheikh Zayed Road
+971 4 343 5600

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  1. Isnt it heartwarming seeing talented kabayans around?

    Great flower arrangements, Ava :)

  2. wow thats a very lovely flower arrangement..

    sis, you commented on my blog re insurance for family. You mentioned about Kaiser.. how much do you pay sis?

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