Who's the bad girl?

My seven year old daughter is having difficulty getting up early for school, will not take shower in the morning and keeps it until late afternoon or untill F and me reach home from work, wouldn't obey what she was asked to do, refused to eat vegetables, refused to do her homework without me beside her, refused to wear her house slippers even if her aunt reminds her for the hundred times  and while she is defying everything being ask of her, mommy tries to get nice and calm and do some reverse child psychology. Most of the time it works but sometimes it does'nt and when it does'nt work mommy gets cranky and frustrated. Am I the only one here, am I alone or do I share the same experience with other mothers?

Last night all my efforts fail to make her do her homework, well almost, I tried to win the situation in a peaceful way but the Al Rifai nuts and a little head ache gets in the way. Moms patience is put to the test and I needed to cool down for me not to blow it off. I started ignoring things that happens around the house, I am frustrated not just because of  the homework thing but with some other matters that happened yesterday.

She finished her homework inside her room while I was left frozen in the living room staring at the tv without understanding anything. I reached for the remote control and switch off the tv and went to bed. This morning I woke up at 5:30, not my usual wake up time, but I did and I prepared breakfast and pack lunch for M and me. F volunteered to wake up M, the tickle strategy works out and she was up and about. While M was having breakfast I spill it, "you will have to take shower, everyone must have a shower in the morning before school." M started crying and the bouts of NO can be heard allover the house, I AM determined to be tough with my rules and with M lying now on the floor, I gather my strenght to carry her to the bathroom. It wasn't a pleasant day for both of us.

With all this in my head, I did not even have time to even check my mobile until after my morning exercise, I saw two messages from Princess M, "ITS ALL MY FAULT, I AM A BAD GIRL ALL DAY." My heart melts in pain to read that sms from my daughter, I started typing the words but I contemplate on what I should tell her. I put my mobile back to my bag. While I am having my morning coffee, I open my phone again and reply to her "YOU ARE NOT A BAD GIRL. WHAT IS BAD IS NOT OBEYING YOUR PARENTS. MOMMY LOVES YOU VERY MUCH."

I am afraid to see her today, maybe it is me who is the bad girl, maybe its me who should understand more and adjust more, be more tender, loving, understanding but I already am. I am reading this now (5 Big Kids Discipline Dilemmas - Solved) and I hope it helps.

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  1. I guess you said the right thing. Being a Mom isnt always that easy.

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