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Cubby House

Last night, me and mica played bahay-bahayan (cubby house), she would not go to sleep and still looking for some entertainment. I thought that it would be nice if we play together, read her stories inside the cubby house and role play as if she was my mom and I am her daughter, it was a nice feeling having to make her feel happy and I feel good being able to give her an undivided attention. Add to it our little visitor who invades the house and seemed interested to play as the dad, he sits inside and watch what we were doing, he wanted to play too but her ate (sister) thought he was so small and was just trying to wreck our cubby so the real dad was called in for rescue to take the little guy out and make him busy with run and catch me game.
I used to play bahay-bahayan when I was small with my friends, I remember bringing in my cooking play set with some flowers and leaves cut from the garden to disguise as ingredients for cooking. We bring dolls for baby's and we act like moms feeding them. But we never had a real cubby house, what we had was a makeshift using carton boxes and bedclothes using clothes pin to attach.

Now that we have started playing that game, knowing Mica, she will surely ask me to do it everyday. It is summer vacation and I need loads of ideas to keep the kids entertained. I was planning to enroll Mica to a ballet class but since she had an accident almost two weeks ago hurting her ankle, that is not feasible now so probably we will go ahead with the guitar lesson.

I think that it would be nice if she can have a real cubby house or something like this homemade fabric cubby house. Do you play with your kids too? How do you keep your kids occupied?