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Accidents happen and school bus drivers must  be cautious and mindful their driving to avoid it. I think that the school bus driver and school bus nannies must make sure that the children are seated and buckled up before they move the vehicle, afterall these are children they are transporting everyday, they are not adults who have strong body motion control. The slightest impact or sudden break can throw a child to a few meters. Please practice safe driving school bus drivers.

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This morning I received a call from my daughters teacher telling me to come to school immediately because Mica had an accident. I was terrified but try to get first hand information over the phone from her before storming to the school. She said Mica slipped while getting on the school bus this morning and when she reached the school her right ankle was already swollen and that it was painful. She said that the school nurse already gave her first aid but it needs to be checked by a doctor. I grew more worried, I knew it was something serious.

I just finished my morning exercise and I was getting ready for work when she called, good I was dressed and was ready to go. I called my husband to tell him what happened he was so worried but I told him not to worry as I am on my way to her, then I hit the road. When I reached the school they are already waiting for me, I found her at the school clinic bed with her right foot wrapped with bandage. The school nurse briefed me again how the incident happened and the status of her foot. My daughter told me the other side of the story. She was just in the middle of the bus and not yet seated when the driver started moving the vehicle and because she lost her balance she slipped and hurt her foot, it must have landed on a wrong position. I told them this but I don't want any argument, I am more concern of my daughter and to which nearest hospital I can take her.

A friend and I took her to Zuleka hospital, the one nearest to the school. The pediatric-orthopedic doctor was not available and we were referred to the orthopedic doctor. He examined Mica's right foot and after we were taken to the lab for an x-ray. It shows that Mica had fractured her ankle. The doctor put an orthopedic cast on her foot and she was ask to stay home for seven days where she has to keep her leg elevated at all times for at least two days. I was thankful enough that the school year was almost over and they had finished their assessments before this happened but I was also upset because she will miss the remaining school days, those are the days when the kids are having fun, playing with friends whom they will not see untill the next school year, Mica was actually excited about her year end school party so I will make sure she is able to attend.

 I gave the medical report to the school supervisor and I raised my concern ragarding transport safety. The transport manager assured me that a proper measure will be taken and they will make sure that drivers adhere to safe driving.

**Dubai imposes new rules all bus drivers must know
• Be driven by a qualified bus driver who has undergone RTA training
• Be painted yellow
• Have ‘School Bus’ clearly marked in English and Arabic, on both sides, the front and the rear
• Be fitted with a lit, red pop-out ‘Stop’ sign to warn oncoming traffic that children are alighting and angled mirrors so the driver can see all sides of the bus
• Have at least one warden travelling on every bus so that children under 12 can be guided on and off safely
• Carry a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit and have lap belts fitted on all seats
• Not have middle aisle fold-down seats, armrests, ashtrays or other solid fixtures on which kids could bang their heads
• Have emergency exits on both sides of the bus
• Not exceed 80kmph
• Be properly air conditioned

Have you ever been in the same situation? What kind of action have you taken?

**Time Out Dubai

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