Cars 2 Movie Review

Cars 2 is yet another fantastic movie from Pixar. My daughter was only two when she saw Cars and as she watched the film over and over again (you know kids), we along with her fell in love with it (young at heart-cartoon lovers :)). The much awaited sequel is now showing in cinemas around the city although it is comfortable for us to get a copy of the film and watch it at the comfort of our own home with homemade popcorn and cola which we did last night. Remembering Cars, it was Lightning McQueen who is the center of the story, this time around, tow truck Mater - McQueen's BFF is put to the spotlight.

As McQueen accepts confident Italian race driver Francesco Bernoulli's challenge to eat his dust at the World Grand Prix, he invited his BFF tow Mater to see the world. The first stop was Tokyo where cars were sumo wrestling and car parts are available at vending machines, so early McQueen was embarrassed with Maters actions and so the later chew out his BFF who with  lack of finesse create scenes that McQueen thought would tarnish his image making Mater decided to go home.

Mater having been mistaken as an American spy, was flown around the globe by his new friends Fin and Hollie both a spy on a mission. As the scenes unfold in front of his eyes, Mater realizes that he is in heck of trouble and not just him but the fate of the World Grand Prix and of many people at the event. Digging deeper, he realize his own potential and to prove he is not anybody's fool, he brave himself to save the day.

It was indeed a good movie for kids but the liberal display of violence like use of guns, drinking, gambling and kidnapping is something unexpected and very far from its first movie Cars that is wholesome. Parents must take note of this if you planning to watch the film with the kids.

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  1. balak ko palang panoorin ito... for your review mukhang maganda naman... pero yun nga paalala lang, gaya ng sinabi mo..medyo may scene na pg..

    balik ako dito pag napanood ko na mamaya...:)

  2. ay gusto ko tong movie nato... its awesome.. naka ka inspire nga eh...

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