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The Date Fruit

Have you ever tasted a fresh date fruit? Normally we see processed date fruit at local supermarkets dipped in chocolates or stuffed with almonds and other nuts, they are all tasty but having to taste the fresh ones that does not contain anything on it but just pure riped date is the best. It is naturally sweet and soft and the almost riped ones are crunchy and a bit bitter sweet on the taste buds just the way I liked it. To some it is an aquired taste.

They look like our lanzones isn't it?  Date trees lined every road and high way in Dubai and it's an eye pleaser to locals, residents and tourist alike.

Ramadan is just right around the corner, it is said to start on August 1 and the date fruits on the date palm trees have ripened and tonnes have been harvested, in the supermarkets there is a designated area only for dates as it is a must to have it in every ones household during the holy month. Locals and Arabs eat dates to break the fast-just like their Prophet Muhammad used to do, followed by a prayer called Maghrib (the fifth prayer of the day) it's the same time Iftar meals are served.