Dubai Dolphinarium - Dolphin and Seal Show

Another attraction and a must see in Dubai is the Dubai Dolphinarium located at the Creek Park. It is our first time to watch live seal and dolphin show which is amazingly entertaining and it is also our first time to see real dolphins and seals, they are so adorable and very intelligent creatures.

We opt for a Friday morning show but even so the amphitheater is full and all seats are occupied even the VIPs. It is the best time to go because traffic is less and the city seems to sleep until before prayer but I was completely wrong, like us a lot of people also chose to see the dolphins at the most convenient time of Friday - mornings - when public places aren't full and packed yet.

The seals show off their skills first. Love it when they flap their flippers

And then the main event, five well trained dolphins

We all totally enjoyed watching the show. :D It is edutainment for the whole family.

After the show, you can also have your photo taken with the dolphins (chargeable) or if you would like to get up close then you can go swimming with the dolphins.

Dubai Dolphinarium
Dubai Creek Park

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