Friendster - No Longer a Social Networking Site

I must be in total oblivion when Friendster announced that they are deleting all photos, blogs, and profiles of its members and was due to happen last May 30, 2011 to make way to revamping their website after being hit by the Facebook wave. Where was I on that day? hmmm o_O

I was shocked when I went online yesterday to check my Friendster account. I was going to download a photo to use for the article I was writing when I entered to a site completely alien to me although it says Friendster in it. I log in as usual but it prompt me a window with games and not my usual profile with friends testimonials and photo albums.

I ask my colleague if she's aware of it.. According to her it's been long time announced. Curious as I was, I searched for it and found out the shocking reality and as I slowly digest the truth in my head, I realized that all those precious photos are gone forever. Well it is not the end of the world for me since many of those photos have a back up but those that I have uploaded directly without keeping a copy somewhere are all gone now.

It seems that I am not the only person who do not know about it. I've posted a status on my FB account and I received comments asking me about it. Later on I realize that I was one of those millions of people who jump into Facebook from Friendster (:( guilty as charged). hehehe.

Now Friendster has a new face not as a social networking site but a site for entertaining and fun loaded with games. They say it is not competing with the giant Facebook anymore but complimenting it and earning through it.

It is true how the old saying goes "If you can't beat them, join them" what's up, Duck?

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  1. All social networking sites are getting converted to fun and entertainment sites, b/c after few days people become sick of them

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