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Photobook from Witsandnuts, an early birthday present

I would like to thank witsandnuts (Ms. Jo) for choosing me as one of the recipients of her blog and birthday anniversary giveaway. Also greeting her a happy happy birthday and happy anniversary to her baby Witsandnuts which was featured in Abu Dhabi Week magazine (woot woot)

Me and Lauren are indeed lucky winners. She was giving away two photobooks and to participate, she asks her followers to comment about their birthdays and if given the chance to get hold of the photobook, which photos will they print on it and here is what I have said 
I am celebrating my 30th birthday tomorrow and this is an advance gift. It is also the first giveaway I got from a co-blogger. Thanks again to witsandnuts, I am sure my mom will be very glad and surprised with this gift.

I have received Ms. Jo's e-mail lastTuesday but opened only today, printed the voucher and downloaded the software immediately as I write this post (I am not very excited you know - with big smiles :D). I chose debossed hard cover large landscape 15" x 11" with 40 pages, I might incorporate my sisters and my wedding photos as well to fill all the pages, mom and dads pictures I guess is only about 10-12 snaps.

I called mom yesterday and ask her to send me their wedding album with a friend who's travelling back to Dubai by end of this month. I laughed when she said that I am going to post the photos on Facebook that's why I want it and she was worried that the photos don't look good anymore because it was almost destroyed by the 1979 flood. Oh dear, I laughed more. I assured her that I will take good care of their wedding photos and I will have it restored. Those photos are very precious for me, captured moments of my mom and dad, I cant keep the emotions pouring in as I look into those pictures long ago back in the Philippines. It was a happy time.