Monday, August 29, 2011

Essence - Day In, Day Out

When we went to Abu Dhabi last July, we went to eat dinner at Essence at Beach Rotana.

We hardly knew back then that Yas Island and Abu Dhabi town proper is now connected by another Island called Saadiyat.

At first we thought that we were lost. The road has no U-turns, no sign boards and it stretched  miles away. We continued driving trying to find some directions to know exactly where we were. Slowly Ferald grew familiar with the place. That road which we're driving into ends us finding Abu Dhabi corniche road ahead of us. So we're not lost after all. We actually discovered this new road and we even had a short cut which is better than driving from Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway just to get to the town proper.

We arrived just in time for the dinner service. Beach Rotana is adjacent to Abu Dhabi Mall so it did not take too long for us to find it however finding a parking space was challenging.

We begin our dinner withsome warm soup. Mica had some pepper lemon fish with rice while I had some California roll and smoked salmon, some cold mezze and prawn salad before I had the main course. Ferald had some turkey carvings and grilled meats. Unfortunately I couldn't take any photos as I don't want to be seen rude.

What impressed us most was the dessert spread for the ample options plus the luscious chocolate fountain with fresh fruit and marshmallows to dip-Micas favorite. The over all dining experience was good, the restaurant was family friendly and the wait staff are fast and very helpful.

These gorgeous lantern like lamps above accentuate the restaurants entrance

In some reviews I have read, the brunch offers a bigger variety of sushi and German meats coming from other Beach Rotana's resident reataurant like Brauhaus and Benihana.

I am giving Essence ★★★★★★★★ out of 10

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