Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fruit Park at Al Nasr Leisureland

Fruit Park is an almost hidden play area for kids which can be found in the enclosures of Al Nasr Leisureland. My kids like to play in here whenever possible, the giant fruits are amazing and extraordinaire. I find it attractive for photo ops too. These photos were taken when Mica was just five years old while some are during our recent visit.

The park is situated outside so it gets dusty in summer and there is an arid feel too, it is a bit old now but still entertaining because of the giant fruits.

This carousels needs some paint, it seems to have faded due to heat and sunlight

There is a hanging bridge too that connects one fruit to the other

The park has a train ride, a bumper car and small rides for toddlers. Entrance fee at Al Nasr is 10 AED and fruit park is accessible without any fees but the kiddie rides will require you to use coins or purchase tokens

This is just one of Al Nasr Leisureland's facilities, they have an ice skating rink, squash courts, bowling alley and a lot more.

Meet my sweet little ogre

We get lucky to photograph this bird as he chirps next to his nest. Quite a few old trees surrounds the park and give shade to its visitors


  1. Wow ang ganda sana meron din dito nyan sa Qatar :)

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  2. Nagscroll muna ako sa pictures before nagbasa ng texts, nagtaka agad ako sa sleeved shirt mo (summer), hehe.

    We havent tried the Fruit Park yet.

    Si Mica, little lady na pala, ang bilis nga talaga ng panahon...

  3. I've been in Dubai for more than 7 years but I never knew there was a Fruit Park here. Thanks for posting about this. We'll definitely take our daughter there to visit one of these days.


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