Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ice Skating in Dubai

Ice skating is definitely not a leisure activity for me. I am scared to give it another try after so many mishaps on the ice rink so its either Mica goes by herself or with her Ate Lean or her dad, they work well with balancing on skates.  I on the other hand chose to stay safe and dry on the bench happy taking some snaps and babysitting Prince.

Before Dubai Mall was built and the Olympic size Dubai Ice Rink was opened to the public which is now very crowded all the time, another ice skating arena was very popular among Dubai residents. Al Nasr Leisure Land is the home to Dubai's first Olympic size ice rink. It used to be crowded on weekends and it is where Mica first learned gliding on ice. Al Nasr is in Oud Metha Road in Oud Metha. Entrance fee is 10 AED for 10 years and above, 5 AED for 3-9 years and 25 AED two hour skate hire and only 20 AED if you have your own skates.

X-port as we call the man in red was the first ice skating instructor of my daughter, we have seen him several times during our visits and he was willing to teach and assist Mica. My daughter easily gets the hang of it and soon she was on her own.

Another ice skating rink in Dubai is located at Hyatt Regency called Galleria Ice Rink, it is smaller than the one in Al Nasr, we've been here only twice. No entrance fee but skate hire range from 15-45 AED.

We haven't tried the Dubai Mall ice skating rink but what is so nice about it is the disco on ice priced at AED 75, skate hire for two hours is AED 50.

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  1. I used to skate at the Hyatt Regency rink for several years, a very long long time ago :) it all feels like a dream now. reading your post made me remember.


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