Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mazina The Address Dubai Marina

Me and my husband has a favorite morning radio show here in Dubai. It keeps us up-to-date and in-the-know of the latest music, news, gossip, events and traffic updates and whatever is happening in Dubai. A lot has been given away in the show and I got lucky to win a voucher for a family brunch at Mazina restaurant - The Address Dubai Marina before Ramadan.

We dined on a Friday but surprisingly the restaurant wasn't so crowded, I wonder if it is always like this. It is buffet so we just first run through what is on the spread of Arabic, Japanese, Chinese and European cuisine.

It is always hard for me to chose what to eat when in a buffet style dining except for handaang Pinoy, so I go first with the ones I love - Japanese food. Although choices are limited but as long as the maki rolls and smoked salmon are available I am satisfied. I tried some sushi and it is tender and fresh.

Arabic mezze such as hummus and moutabal and some cold seafood salad are very mouth watering.

The Chinese section has the widest food selection my husband can indulge into, my daughter also love dumplings and they have many variety but she and her friend were so busy with gaming after just having little food, they only came back for some ice cream afterwards.

After having some Chinese food, I am almost full. I barely have the appetite to eat some from the European food, Ferald brought in the table some roasted beef but unfortunately, it was medium rare and I can hardly chew it because of my newly fixed braces so I content myself with taking some more photos of the place. But I will not pass the chance to have something for dessert, they do have a huge selection

European food looks so delicious but I am too full to have some more.

The wait staff are polite and fast in attending to our request, Mazina is indeed a kid friendly restaurant with its gaming area, soft play area and bouncy castles. The total ambiance of the place would have been more refreshed and with airy feel if the three huge pillars in the middle of the restaurant is not there.

I cannot comment on the price since I am not in the position to.

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