when she gets lost, she calls my number

I was paying at the counter the last time I saw my daughter following her dad who was heading out the door of the department store to keep my toddler busy of something else instead of ruining the shop display. I was confident that she was with him only somewhere in the mall and as we usually do, we will be calling each other later on to meet-up.

I reach for the change and collect my shopping bags and then head out towards a sport shop instinctively like I know where to find my husband. As I walk my phone rang, it was a missed call and then another so I ring the number back, an unknown man's voice was at the other line asking me if I lost my daughter, he said he handed her over to the security and he is just calling to tell me about her. I was confused how it happened but I did not wait a second to run back to the shop, I met Mica at the door teary eyed. I can only hug her tight and kissed her and hug her again while feeling ashamed to the people who found her that I lost my daughter amidst the chaotic mall scenario.

After I consoled her, I thank the man and the security personnel. The man said he was grateful that my daughter knows my phone number and told me not to lose my child again. This was the very first time I lost her and promised myself it will never happen again. I am so thankful to the man for being so concerned.

I am grateful and yet I am proud too, for my daughter knows my number, she memorized it. As we reunite, I told her lovingly how proud I am of her, for being so brave and for knowing what to say to the people who helped her find her way back to me. She smiled at me feeling proud of herself too. But then again, I reminded her that she should not go far away or get out of sight from dad or mom while in the mall as things like this is likely to happen especially during the busy hours.

Over to you, have you ever lost your child in the mall? How did you find them?

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  1. God bless Mica more to always know what to do as she grows.

    I lost my son at Carrefour once but that time I didnt worry because I know he'll noisily call us. He's too adventurous when he gets too excited outside and we made him memorize his dad's number too.

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