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Breaking the fast with Alokozay complimentary box

Warning: Post Ramadan

Days before end of Ramadan
EPPCO Gasoline Station

A box was handed over to me by the gasoline boy after he fill our tank full. "Thank you", I said to him as I reached for the box and handed him over a 100 AED bill. 

I wonder why would he give me a box of Alokozay tea? then I looked at the time, it was almost time to break the fast and as we suspected and experienced in previous Ramadans here in UAE, motorist are given something to break their fast. The box is complimentary and packed by Alokozay company. Inside is a small cup of water, three peices of date in a triangular box, two different tea flavour, a tissue pack and a blue prayer bead.

 thank you!