The generous tooth fairy comes just before a child wakes up :D

As of today four of Micas teeth have fallen out already and just a few minutes ago I received a call from her

Me: Hi Mica

Mica: Hi mommy, you know one of my my front teeth is super wobbly!

Me: That’s good, but don’t panic when it snaps alright, just ask for some cold water from your aunt to rinse your mouth so bleeding will stop

Mica: Ok mommy bye mommy, I just called you to tell you that my other tooth is falling.

Then she hang up.

I feel so important at that very moment. I was with her when the first one have fallen out and then the next three. I am not beside her now but she thought of calling me just to let me know.

The funny thing was two of her front teeth start to wiggle at the same time last week and the first one of two and fourth in the batch snap out last night while we were having dinner. She was in panic running back and forth. We were giggling at the sight of her; it wasn't her first time anymore. Her dad took the tooth and wrapped it on a tissue paper. He knows what’s going to happen at midnight, we will have a visitor.

That same night, Mica slept early for school and didn’t forget to put the tooth still wrapped on the tissue under her pillow. She had a good night sleep and when morning comes, she visited her pillow and thirty dirhams was there as gift from the tooth fairy for her baby tooth. She was one happy kid that morning.

Good thing I woke up her dad before her otherwise the generous tooth fairy might not have come or might be on a day off  or something.

Today's call excites me, we will have the visitor again probably tonight at midnight and I hope not before Mica wakes up tomorrow morning.

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  1. I pray the tooth fairy give Mica what she will wish for in her dreams, she must be more excited :-)

  2. This blog is really very touching... I understand your feelings. Mica will surely get what she wants from the tooth fairy this time also. God bless her! Please share what happens next. I'll be waiting.

  3. thanks colorado springs dentist, will sure do

  4. That sure is a generous tooth fairy! Maybe this tooth fairy should become a colorado springs dentist. Maybe.

  5. I wish the tooth fairy was nice to me. All I got was a trip to my dentist in Colorado Springs. I guess it was because I lost all my baby teeth being hit in the face with a soccer ball.

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