Mica's colorful and vibrant costumes at schools annual concerts

Every year, my daughter school hold its annual concert where the students showcase their talents in dancing, singing, and acting. It is a much awaited event of the year and we are always excited to see our daughter perform on stage wearing colorful costumes and/or pretty dresses. The students are from many nationalities living in Dubai and so it is a melting pot of cultures, what I like the most is the school puts a lot of effort to incorporate the things students learned in the school to their performances

Year after year the concert has different themes and Mica has always been actively participating in the annual concert event of her school

This is Mica with teacher Shekina-KG 1 Daisies

KG 1 Daisies dancing in the tune of Chocolate

Mica and her classmates inside the classroom as they wait for their turn to perform, Elisha was attentively listening to what Mica was saying, God knows what they are talking about, they all look so cute in their shiny colorful Indian style costumes. - KG 2 Daisies

This time around, they are dancing in the tune of Moja He Moja Jab We Met

This act was about the story of the mouse and the lion, something that has a moral lesson thought to children - Grade 1 - G

My daughter with her classmates after their opening song WELCOME, yeah this time they sing - Grade 2 E

Mica likes to sing more than to dance but she can follow the steps, I'd really hope that my daughter grow up to be a good singer not like her mom who always out of tune :( :p

From the baby that she was to a little girl now

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